UWAVE designs and manufactures standard and custom UV LED lighting systems which are best suited for applications such as curing, fluorescence and disinfection in various industrial fields.

From the beginning to the completion of an UV project UWAVE supports its customers. First, fundamental parameters must be defined:

> Which wavelength? UV-A, UV-B or UV-C

UV Wavelength: UV-A, UV-B or UV-C

> Which power range and size? Spot, Line or Flood

Ranges of UV LED lightings: Spot, Line or Flood

> Which application? Manual, Semi-Automated or Automated

Application: Manual, Semi-Automated or Automated

> Which optical system? Focalized, Dispersive, Collimated...

Optics: Focalized, Dispersive, Collimated

> Which accessories? Power Supplies, UV-LED Radiometers, UV Protective Equipements, Chillers...

Accesories: Power Supplies, UV-LED Radiometers, UV Protective Equipements, Chillers

To validate the defined parameters at an industrial scale, to adapt an existing lighting to specific needs or to design a new solution, UWAVE offers additional services:

Solution Validation

On-site tests On-site tests

Equipment rental/loan Equipment rental/loan

Tests in UWAVE Tests in UWAVE

Support Service

Customer care Customer care

Equipment maintenance Equipment maintenance

Material update Material update

Optical Expertise

Performances qualification Performances qualification

Software simulations Software simulations

Innovation & know-how Innovation & know-how

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