UV curing is a photochemical reaction to cure or dry inks, adhesives or coatings using high-intensity UV-A light. Liquid formulations contain a mix of monomer and oligomer and photoinitiators. These photoinitators are activated by the UV light to link monomers & oligomers together and create a corresponding network of polymers. The formulation is then almost instantly cured or hardened in a short period of time.

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UV Curing Process


Fluorescence is a physical property of specific photosensitive substances which can emit light when they are excited by another light. This light is absorbed at a specific UV wavelength (from 255 to 405nm) and then re-emitted at a visible wavelength (green, yellow...). This phenomenon allows the revelation of hidden code, bubble in coatings, specific inks...

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Blue Light Source for Fluorescence Application


UV-C stands as an innovative disinfection process using short-wavelength germicidal UV rays. This light inactivates pathogenic microorganisms by disrupting their DNA to stop their activities and their proliferation.

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Ultraviolet Disinfection System used on a phone and keys


UWAVE designs and manufactures powerful, flexible and easy-to-use UV LED solutions for photonics, cosmetics, medical, electronics, packaging, photovoltaics, disinfection, fluorescence, laboratory tests and many other UV applications.

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