UV LED Curing Oven

The UV CHAMBER is an UV oven, easy-to-use, completely safe and adapted to lab works & small production. Set your sample on the plate, select time & power parameters and start the UV process!

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UV LED oven


UWAVE designs and manufactures powerful, flexible and easy-to-use UV LED solutions for photonics, cosmetics, medical, electronics, packaging, photovoltaics, disinfection, fluorescence, laboratory tests and many other UV applications.

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UV LED lamps


Thanks to its know-how UWAVE offers, besides its complete range of UV LED standard products, tailored products to fit your needs and technical/economical constraints.

Custom Expertise
Custom lightings

UVC Range

New innovative UVC range for disinfection and sterilization applications. Suitable standard or custom products to fight pathogenic microorganisms such as Covid-19.

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UVC Range Lightings


Wireless UV LED curng spot: Powerful & easy-to-use manual lamp in a complete kit (glasses, batteries and charger).

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UPEN UV LED Curing Pen